Hybrid Safety Mirror for Behavioral Health

Frequently asked questions

What is the Hybrid Safety Mirror frame made of?

The frame is made of using our proprietary formula for solid surface material. It highlights the best elements of strength and flexibility from the solid surface material. It is matte white in color and Class A fire-rated.

What makes the mirror safe for behavioral health?

The mirror is acutally 3 compoennts - a tempered glass, a PVB interlayer, and a highly reflective glass mirror. The total package is a Class “A” Fire Rated and non-distorting unitized product.

How is the Guardian Frame different than the Hybrid Safety Mirror Frame?

The Guardian Frame is designed to display artwork and communication products in a dry environment. It is a solid wood frame that can be finished in one of RAO's standard (4) stains or a custom stain. The Hybrid Safety Mirror frame is designed for wet environments, is composed of RAO's proprietary formula of solid surface material, and is available in matte white.

How is the Hybrid Safety Mirror different than a standard glass mirror?

The Hybrid safety mirror is actually composed of 3 different materials. The first surface is tempered glass. The next layer is PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) which is a thin film with excellent optical clarity, toughness and flexibility. It is best known as the material in automobile windshields that holds the glass together during impact. The last layer is a traditional mirror. The whole package together creates a material that the reflective qualities of a standard glass mirror but is safe for behavioral health environments.

Why should I replace my polished stainless steel or acrylic mirrors?

Patients suffering from mental health issues are getting the best care when they are in your facility. We believe the care you provide extends to the mirror in their bathrooms that they see multiple times a day. Waking-up each morning to the distortion of a polished steel or acrylic mirror could negatively impact a patient's recovery.

Is the Hybrid Safety Mirror Class A fire-rated?

Yes, the frame and Hybrid Safety Mirror are Class A fire-rated.

What size is the frame and mirror?

The finished frame size is 18" wide x 24" high. The mirror size is 15" wide x 21" high.

How much does the framed Hybrid Safety Mirror weigh?

The framed Hybrid Safety Mirror weighs 15 pounds (7kg).


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