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Guardian Frames for Behavioral Health

Ligature Resistance

The Guardian Art Frame meets the challenge of displaying artwork in mental health settings while maintaining the safety of both patients and staff.

Both abuse-resistant and tamper-proof, the Guardian Frame is constructed out of a solid Maple frame with radiused compound edges that mounts flush to walls using specialized wall anchors. The art is protected by Lexan  - a Class “A” fire-rated barrier.


The Guardian’s artwork backing is a dense material known as Sintra, and rigid framer points are used to secure the artwork within the frame. The frame has predrilled, recessed mounting holes for concealed anchors (included in packaging) spaced to strategic locations to help create a tight seal around the edge of the frame to the wall.

The Guardian comes in three standard sizes but can also be custom-made and crafted to most size requirements.

The frames come in four finish options: cherry, mahogany, natural, and walnut.

These frames were designed in conjunction with VA interior designers and can be found in many VA facilities across the United States.

With over 30,000 images available in our internal library that you can select from, our customers will have the ability to create an aesthetically pleasing AND ligature-resistant safe area.

Available Sizes

  • Image Size of 16″x20″ with Frame Size of 25″x29″

  • Image Size of 20″x30″ with Frame Size of 29″x39″

  • Image Size of 24″x36″ with Frame Size of 33″x45″

RAO Standard Guardian Frame Finishes

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